JDM Works , is the name of quality aftermarket products in Turkey. We can supply any kind of car parts, cars and also engines. Aftermarket ECU installisation and mapping is done by our experienced stuff.

We are known by drift shows and organisations, we formed the first drift team in Turkey. We encourage car enthusians to involve in drifting. Help them to modify a drift car and take them to driftable platforms.

Our drifting experience makes us know how the parts’ qualities are variable. But we will be there to help you at any level.

We are the leading drift related shop in Turkey. Also we are attending 2012 Turkey National Drag season as well. Our experience in building race oriented cars will prove itself once again.

Our cars from last season :

Nissan 200SX S14a – Rb25Det Neo 480HP

BMW E36 M3 – Turbo 500HP